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County Criminal Search

BackgroundPro performs a hands on search of primary source county court criminal records in any of the 3,000+ counties in the United States. Court level access to these records provides the most up-to-date and compliant information possible. Only primary source courthouse searches or government maintained courthouse equivalent sources are used in report preparation. Cases held at the county level include felonies and misdemeanors as well as criminal traffic offenses. For private employers, the search must be conducted by examining the public records at each individual county courthouse that is potentially relevant. Check Pricing.

Education Verification

Educational verifications from BackgroundPro are available for high school diplomas, GED certificates, trade schools attendance, special skills schools certification, junior college associate degrees, four year college/university degrees, and master’s and doctorate degrees. All verifications are undertaken at the primary source such as the school they attended, state GED boards, or in some cases third party primary record holder such as The National Student Clearing House (NSCH). Reports include dates attended, major/minor, year graduated, and degree, diploma, or certificate received as well as any special achievements and awards. Check Pricing.

Employment Verification

BackgroundPro performs primary source verification of previous employment that provides confirmation of position held, beginning and end dates, and rate of pay. Information beyond these areas is frequently unavailable, however any additional information obtained during the verification such as performance, reason for departure, and rehire status is included in the report. This information confirms your applicant’s resume, verifies his/her job history, helps eliminate any unexplained gaps in employment which ensures that appropriate jurisdictions have been checked for criminal records, and helps an employer demonstrate “due diligence” in their hiring practices. Check Pricing.

Multi State – Multi Jurisdictional Criminal Records Database Search*

BackgroundPro offers a comprehensive multi-state/multi-jurisdiction criminal records database search, commonly referred to by some in the screening industry as a “national criminal records search.” Although the information is sourced from public records information from all 50 states, the depth and breadth varies widely. Information from state A might be comprehensive and relatively up to date while information from state B may only include state prison incarceration records representing a small subset of total convictions. There are issues of timeliness to consider as well with some information only being updated on a quarterly or semiannual basis. BackgroundPro never reports information received from databases without ensuring the information is up to date and accurate. Don’t be fooled by websites offering cheap “national” searches. These databases are best used as a secondary search tool in support of primary county criminal searches. Check Pricing.

* Coverage of Multi State – Multi Jurisdictional Criminal Records Database Searches varies by state. Learn about the Drawbacks of Criminal Record Databases.

OFAC Search

The U.S. Treasury Department – through the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) – maintains various lists since it “administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions against threats to the national society, foreign policy, or economy of the united States.” OFAC maintains and publishes various lists, including terrorists and narcotic traffickers, that are called “Specially Designated Nationals or “SDNs.”  The OFAC list, in conjunction with numerous other terrorist lists, is often used by background screening firms as part of a background check as well. Check Pricing.

Sex Offender Search

BackgroundPro performs real-time sex offender searches via an online service provided by the U.S. Department of Justice as a cooperative effort between the federal government and all 50 state jurisdictions that host sex offender registries. BackgroundPro verifies all potential matches at the state level for relatedness, accuracy, and completeness before being included in a report. BackgroundPro makes clients aware of those states having restrictions on the use of sex offender information for employment purposes when it affects their screening program. Check Pricing.

SSN Trace

The BackgroundPro Social Security Number (SSN) Trace uses a private sector database compiled from hundreds of different sources, including credit headers, U.S. Postal Service address forwarding, utility bill records, voter registration records, and other similar sources to check the provided Social Security number for given name match and related addresses. The address history is a valuable tool used to identify jurisdictions used to search for criminal records. SSN Trace results cannot be considered a part of the consumer report and are not to be the basis for any employment decisions or taking any adverse action. The SSN Trace serves exclusively as a locator tool to establish likely jurisdictions to search for public records. It is NOT an official record of past addresses. Check Pricing.

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