50 State Guide to Background Screening Laws


BackgroundPro offers a 50 State Guide to Background Screening Laws

Only available to BackgroundPro members, the 50 State Guide is designed to help them understand and comply with the myriad of state laws for employment screening that go beyond the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). BackgroundPro members may access the 50 State Guide by using the link below to Log In to their accounts:

This 50 State Guide to Background Screening Laws presents best practices, practical tips, notifications, and restrictions, in a simple to use and easy to understand format. Every effort is made to keep this data current and new content is added after a law is passed. Reports display in three formats:

  • Single-State Report listing all restrictions within a state.
  • Multi-State Matrix listing restrictions for up to 10 states.
  • Restriction Matrix showing involved states.

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The 50 State Guide to Background Screening Laws includes access to the following information:

  • FCRA Mandatory Reporting Restrictions
  • FCRA Relationship to State Laws
  • Determining Which State Law Applies
  • Seven Year States
  • Only in California Rules
  • Massachusetts Privacy and CORI
  • New York and Article 23-A
  • States that Require & States that Outlaw E-Verify Use
  • List of Alerts

For full access to the 50 State Guide to Background Screening Laws, become a BackgroundPro member.

NOTE: BackgroundPro does not offer or give legal advice and the 50 state guide is offered for educational and reference purposes only.  A business with a questions about any legal mater should of course seek legal counsel.


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